Friday, January 13, 2012

Growlph Update

Wow, it's been a little over a year since we posted anything new in our journal....but...heck....since retiring, not much new has happened (knock on wood).

We've done a bit of Jeeping but most runs have been on previously posted trails, so we didn't want to bore you all with double entries. We've found that one definite advantage to growing older is that we've forgotten the details of trails we've already been on, Jeeping them is like a whole new experience for us.

We've spent a good bit of our time working with our Schnauzer, Growlph. As you may recall, he came from a Schnauzer rescue group and to say he has issues, is putting it mildly. We've both gotten more than a few bites and nibbles from him as we've attempted grooming. He lets us use the scissors but when it comes to the clippers, he's not a big fan of the whirring sound they make...sure wish they made silent clippers for skittish pooches. Trimming his nails requires the use of gloves and a big blanket to wrap him in. We pull one paw from the blanket at a time and hope his face is covered enough to prevent bites. Those are his worst characteristics...all in all, they're things we can live with. On the plus side. he's turned from a distrusting, standoffish dog into a sweet loving creature who wants to be in our laps and loves being petted. We feel like it's quite an accomplishment for us to have won his trust. He now gives sloppy, slurpy Schnauzer kisses and nudges us for pets...he's come a LONG way!

We recently found a severe irritation, a large lump, under his tongue and fearing the worst we took him to the Vet, (After an internet search I was convinced it was either cancerous or the bite of a rare, exotic, tropical insect) needless to say, the Vet couldn't get a good look at it in the examining room, so we scheduled a teeth cleaning.

He had it done yesterday and we're so happy and relieved to report, the irritation under his tongue was just a place where he snagged his tongue on his teeth and it's well on the way to healing.

Well, that's all that new from our little corner of the world...

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Geriatric Jeepin' On Cherry Creek Road

We headed out this morning with a group of 8 Jeeps for some geriatric Jeepin' on Cherry Creek Road. Our friend Bruce from Casa Grande and his pals hadn't been on this run before and it had been quite some time since we did it last with Larry & Jean. The road had been closed because of flood damage due to the heavier than normal monsoon rains last summer. The forest service had to clear some pretty bad wash-outs and rock slides but now the road is open all the way from Hwy 288 to Board Tree Saddle. It was a bit muddy in places, rocky in others and as usual, there were some very high, on the edge views to be seen along the way. We didn't take any scenic pictures this time, we've posted them before but we focused instead on the Jeepin' group of oldsters (us included.) We stopped along the way to have lunch at PB Cabin. The day was clear and cool and the smell of fallen leaves and pine trees provided a lingering memory...very nice!
Here are a couple of links to previous posts regarding PB Cabin and our Cherry Creek trips.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fantastic Scenery

Wow! Larry and Jean took us to a nearby spot that we hadn't seen before. We'd driven in the vicinity before but never ventured past the locked gates barring our way. This time, we crawled under the gates and ventured in. It was well worth the walk. The scenery and views were spectacular to say the least.
Evidently, the property is owned by a gold and copper mining company located in the Globe/Miami area. At one time there used to be a small ranch there with a house and cattle operation. We heard that the caretaker skipped out and didn't notify the owners and rumor has it that the house was stripped of plumbing and wiring by some ne'er-do-wells looking to make a fast buck by selling the copper. Harrumph ... even in the boondocks we're not immune to these low-life idiots. Anyway, the mining company had the house bulldozed, probably to avoid any liability in the future.
The area has some of the prettiest scenery we've seen anywhere. Sycamore and Cottonwood trees were showing their Fall colors and the skies were a brilliant blue. We enjoyed our hike through the woods and along the beautiful washes along the way.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Camp Reno

It was a beautiful Fall day here. Our temperatures were in the mid to upper 50's with a freshness in the air that's truly invigorating!
We headed out this morning with Larry & Jean to check out the area around Camp Reno. Camp Reno was a short-lived cavalry post established in 1867 and then abandoned in 1870. During that short period of time marauding Apaches were brought under control after several major skirmishes in the surrounding areas. We've been there before so we thought that since it was such a beautiful day, we'd show it to Larry & Jean.
Here's a link to a post we did back in January'07 when we went there last and researched a bit of history of the place. Ralph and Laura's Backroad Adventures: Camp Reno and Sutter's Store
Nothing much has changed there except the road was a bit rougher than the last time but all in all it wasn't too bad. We hauled our metal detector along with us but after some searching we turned up nothing but some very old rusty cans, barbed wire and a sardine can key....not exactly treasure. Ah well, maybe next time.
Below are a few shots of the area, nice scenery and a super way to spend a few hours.

Reno Creek with sycamore trees wearing Fall colors
The old desert rats

Some cowboys were herding cattle in the area

Monday, November 1, 2010

Horse Shoe Bend Jeeping

Beautiful Jeep run, beautiful day! We headed out early this morning with Jean and Larry to see Horse Shoe Bend. It's really good to be back on the trail with them again. The trail leading there was pretty good with just a few rocky places, but all in all, pretty smooth sailing without any of the scary places found on so many other trails. Larry and Jean had been there before so while we were in the vicinity, we checked out a lovely little oasis in the desert, a bamboo grove with clear cold water flowing from a natural spring, tall walnut trees added even more shade.
After spending a bit of time at the oasis, we headed for the Salt River and Horse Shoe Bend. WOW! What a neat spot, the Salt River meanders through canyons on its way to Roosevelt Lake.
It would be a super place to camp, although it's a bit isolated, we'd want another couple or two to spend the night with us as well. On the way down the mountain the views of the Salt River were spectacular, just like something taken from a postcard.

The spring

Spectacular views along the way

The Salt River on its way to Roosevelt Lake

Jean waving hello

Larry and Ralph playing in the Salt River

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A self-indulgent post

Since our Jeeping has come to a screeching halt now that the summer temps are upon us (100ยบ expected today) I thought we'd post a few pictures of Growlph, our Mini Schnauzer. He just turned 6 a few days ago but in many ways, he's still a puppy. We don't know for sure what his background was before we got him from Arizona Schnauzer Rescue almost a year ago, but he's unique to say the least. He's evidently got some emotional baggage (don't we all?) but we're working with him to overcome his "issues." Trust seems to be one of his main concerns. He trusts Ralph and has become his shadow all day long. It's taken him longer to trust me, but he's progressed to allowing me to rub his belly while laying in my lap....REAL progress...heck...when I met Ralph let me do that almost immediately. *insert wink here* HA!

He's a social little critter and greets people with lots of wags and happiness, then he withdraws and would rather be left alone until he gets to know them. Much of our day is spent catering to his wants and needs...why not?...we're retired and don't have to answer to anyone...

Growlph has become quite the little Jeeping buddy, he loves bouncing along the back roads as much as we do, so many new smells, so much to explore and see.

Sometimes we wonder who needs who more....he adds so much enjoyment to our everyday lives, there's not a day that goes by that we don't laugh at his odd little antics.

Tickle me again and I'll bite you!

Who wouldn't love this sweet face?!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nugget Wash

We decided to do a bit of close-to-home Jeeping with Larry & Jean today. The former town of Nugget is located fairly close to home, just outside of Globe. In its glory days it was a small but thriving silver mining town, even having a post office from January 7, 1881 until March 10, 1884. The town, although small, supported a saloon, a few general stores and a house providing feminine entertainment to the rough and tumble old west miners. (it's a wonder they had the energy after hefting a pick and shovel all day long!) As with many old west towns, it soon became a shadow of its former self as the silver ran out and people moved on to a more prosperous area.

Not much remains today of Nugget, just the remains of the old stamp mill and a few unidentifiable foundations scattered here and there over the rocky terrain.

It was an enjoyable run, it was especially nice to come home without feeling like we'd been put through the mill ourselves!

To read more about stamp mills click here:
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Welcome to Nugget

Wildflowers were abundant

Pretty flowers growing up through the rocky soil

Let's park here, the trail gets a bit rough

Uh sure... it looks like a road to me!

Yep, there's the road... follow that blue Jeep!

The remains of the old silver stamp mill

A capped off spring marked the end of the trail for us