Monday, December 6, 2010

Geriatric Jeepin' On Cherry Creek Road

We headed out this morning with a group of 8 Jeeps for some geriatric Jeepin' on Cherry Creek Road. Our friend Bruce from Casa Grande and his pals hadn't been on this run before and it had been quite some time since we did it last with Larry & Jean. The road had been closed because of flood damage due to the heavier than normal monsoon rains last summer. The forest service had to clear some pretty bad wash-outs and rock slides but now the road is open all the way from Hwy 288 to Board Tree Saddle. It was a bit muddy in places, rocky in others and as usual, there were some very high, on the edge views to be seen along the way. We didn't take any scenic pictures this time, we've posted them before but we focused instead on the Jeepin' group of oldsters (us included.) We stopped along the way to have lunch at PB Cabin. The day was clear and cool and the smell of fallen leaves and pine trees provided a lingering memory...very nice!
Here are a couple of links to previous posts regarding PB Cabin and our Cherry Creek trips.

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