Monday, November 29, 2010

Fantastic Scenery

Wow! Larry and Jean took us to a nearby spot that we hadn't seen before. We'd driven in the vicinity before but never ventured past the locked gates barring our way. This time, we crawled under the gates and ventured in. It was well worth the walk. The scenery and views were spectacular to say the least.
Evidently, the property is owned by a gold and copper mining company located in the Globe/Miami area. At one time there used to be a small ranch there with a house and cattle operation. We heard that the caretaker skipped out and didn't notify the owners and rumor has it that the house was stripped of plumbing and wiring by some ne'er-do-wells looking to make a fast buck by selling the copper. Harrumph ... even in the boondocks we're not immune to these low-life idiots. Anyway, the mining company had the house bulldozed, probably to avoid any liability in the future.
The area has some of the prettiest scenery we've seen anywhere. Sycamore and Cottonwood trees were showing their Fall colors and the skies were a brilliant blue. We enjoyed our hike through the woods and along the beautiful washes along the way.