Monday, April 19, 2010

Nugget Wash

We decided to do a bit of close-to-home Jeeping with Larry & Jean today. The former town of Nugget is located fairly close to home, just outside of Globe. In its glory days it was a small but thriving silver mining town, even having a post office from January 7, 1881 until March 10, 1884. The town, although small, supported a saloon, a few general stores and a house providing feminine entertainment to the rough and tumble old west miners. (it's a wonder they had the energy after hefting a pick and shovel all day long!) As with many old west towns, it soon became a shadow of its former self as the silver ran out and people moved on to a more prosperous area.

Not much remains today of Nugget, just the remains of the old stamp mill and a few unidentifiable foundations scattered here and there over the rocky terrain.

It was an enjoyable run, it was especially nice to come home without feeling like we'd been put through the mill ourselves!

To read more about stamp mills click here:
Stamp Mill (use your "back" button to return to this page)

Welcome to Nugget

Wildflowers were abundant

Pretty flowers growing up through the rocky soil

Let's park here, the trail gets a bit rough

Uh sure... it looks like a road to me!

Yep, there's the road... follow that blue Jeep!

The remains of the old silver stamp mill

A capped off spring marked the end of the trail for us