Saturday, October 6, 2007

Whew! What a trip!

Holy smoke...we're tired! We took a fairly long Jeep ride this morning, back up SR288 to FR486 and then onto an unnumbered road, all culminating with a long hike over the river and through the woods to get to a cabin way off the beaten path...matter of fact, there was a path made by free range cattle, but that was the only trail leading up the rocky hillside. The cabin could be seen far below our hilltop perch.  Larry had hiked to it on a previous trip and wanted us to see it as well. When Larry went, there was a gate blocking the trail, so he had to walk. However, this time someone had knocked the gate down, opening the downward trail to four wheel drive travel. The road (and that's using the word loosely) clung to the side of an extremely rocky mountainside. Fallen rocks and boulders along the way made the road even more precarious, but we made it to the bottom where we had to forge a creek. You could hear our happy "YEEEHAWWWS" echoing throughout the canyon as we finally parked our Jeeps. From there, the rest was on foot, climbing over rocks and fallen trees and then upward to the cabin. We don't know the history or name of the cabin, but it's sure isolated. There are no roads at all. We theorized that any supplies had to be packed in by mule or carried, no easy task judging by the strenuous hike we took to get there.
It was a great trip and we're very happy to have done it, but now, it's time to rest our old, weary bones, we earned it!