Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spring Creek Mine


A nice long jaunt today. We went to Young with pals, Larry & Jean to follow directions given to us by an online buddy. Thanks Ernie! Your directions were spot on! 

Hwy 288 proved to be the roughest part of the trip. They're paving part of the highway and basically ignoring the rest of it, so it was like driving on a dusty washboard for a large portion of the trip. I have to admit to a bit of carsickness from the ride on SR 288, sure hope they get the #&*!$% road finished soon!

Upon reaching Young we followed directions over the river and through the woods and had no problem locating our destination, the remains of the Spring Creek Mine, also called the Yankee Dollar Mine. It was a small gold mining operation for a short period of time between 1926 and 1931.  Unfortunately, the roof of the mine was collapsed about 25 feet in, so it couldn't be fully explored. Judging by the difficulty accessing the mine alongside Spring Creek, it had to be a Herculeon task to remove ore from that location.