Friday, October 12, 2007

Lone grave, lone bull, curious deer

A local trip today to finish checking out the roads off of Hwy 188. I guess now we can say we've done them all, this being the last one. We took FR83 which heads toward the Superstition Wilderness. Since it's a designated wilderness area, we figured the road wouldn't go all the way through since motor vehicle traffic is prohibited in wilderness areas. That's okay with us, it's nice to leave some pristine land reserved for future generations.
Anyway, FR83 heads out across the desert floor and soon begins a fairly steep climb up into the mountains. We came across a marked grave and couldn't help but wonder about the person buried in such an out of the way location. We figure he was probably a cowboy since there are a few isolated ranches out in this area.
We saw three White-tail deer, a coyote and some sort of huge red hawk. One of the smaller male deer was curious about us and didn't run off as quickly as the other two did. On the way back out, we passed a couple of hunters on an ATV, hopefully, the curious deer was long gone before the hunters arrived. We've done all the roads on the southside of Hwy 188, now we'll expand our horizons...