Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All that glitters....


Just a short trip this morning up Pinto Creek near our house, to gather some more rocks for our rock and cactus garden. We didn't realize we could go as far up the Pinto Creek Wash as we did this morning. The best place to find a good assortment of rocks are in the dry washes and riverbeds. We call the rocks we find our "desert jewels," prettier than diamonds or other precious stones in their variety and intricacy. The colors would have to be seen to be appreciated.

We saw a recent claim marker, someone has staked a claim along the wash, probably hoping to find some gold. Some of the rocks we found further up had some shiny golden flecks in them, but we're not sure if it's gold or not...either way, we won't get rich over the little flecks we found...although, come to think of it, we're already rich in so many other ways.