Friday, October 5, 2007

No Men In Black....Whew!


We headed up SR288 to FR609 this morning with Larry, Jean and Ida. Nice cool ride up into the pines. Pine scented mountain air can't be beat to clear the head of morning fog.

We took a road we hadn't been on before, FR486. We'd been told by a Forest Ranger friend to be careful if we did decide to head in that direction. The road leads to a very isolated ranch, supposedly home to some sort of a group of automatic rifle carrying, dressed in black,  militants. After a few very scenic miles, the road was barred by a gate with lots of "No Trespassing" signs posted all around. Being the law-abiding citizens we are (and having a healthy respect for armed-to-the-teeth fanatics), we took a few photos, read the posted signs and turned around. Hey, we didn't get to be our ages by taking too many chances!

We didn't see any men in black toting weapons, no shots were fired and no damage was done....a good trip indeed.