Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Not all roads lead to Rome

I guess not all roads lead to Rome, or even to a destination for that matter. This morning we decided to check out a few roads on the south side of Hwy. 188. We've been on all of them except these few remaining roads. Nothing spectacular to report, the roads lead nowhere. There was one road that took off in an almost vertical climb, but we decided to wait 'til we've got another Jeep along before attempting it. We did find an area that made us a bit curious. Rocks had been carefully placed in squares along the ground. We're theorizing perhaps early soldiers in the area might have used the area for an encampment when the old Camp Reno was being used to fight off Apaches in the area. We'll go back there to look a bit further with our metal detector. We're trying to find a road that might have run along the foothills near where the Reno Pass road once connected Camp Reno to Fort McDowell. There were quite a few Indian skirmishes in this area, along with some early gold mining, so we'd like to find the remains of the road or wagon trail which must have been there at one time. There's always something to look for in the area, but not necessarily a road leading to it....