Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No cross A-Cross to Bar-X

There's an area off of A-Cross Road that we've been wanting to take a closer look at, so, since today is another beautiful Arizona Winter day (70ยบ and sunny) we decided to check it out.
Due to the heavy rains and run-off from the high country snowfalls, we weren't able to cross Tonto Creek in our usual spot, instead we had to cross at Bar-X, a wider, but not as deep spot further on down the creek. The creek crossing went well, giving the Jeep a chance to wash off some of the mud underneath it from our last jaunt.
We'd seen an area along A-Cross road where some surface Silica mining was done back in the early to mid 1900s so we decided to hike back to take a look. There are no remnants of any mining equipment left behind, anything left would have probably been removed by the Forest Service. There was some evidence of Gypsum also being taken from the area, along with the Silica. We brought back a few nice examples of each mineral to add to our cactus garden. The Silica sparkles in the sunlight, adding a pretty touch.
It's a great day to be enjoying the desert, sorry for all you folks "back East" who are having to endure such miserable weather. (trying really hard not to gloat)

Uh huh, it looks okay to cross here

There's a road underneath here...I think.
Remains of some Gypsum being mined here

Gypsum was obviously mined in this wash

The white stuff on the ground here is crushed Silica