Sunday, January 25, 2009

3-Bar to Rock Creek Cabin

Awesome day! The weather couldn't be better. Clear, sunny and cool after several days of rain, perfect!
We woke up early as usual and went outside before dawn to have morning coffee near the fire pit. The dawn soon broke clearing the way for a lovely sunrise. Coyotes were greeting the day with a chorus of yips and howls in the distance.
We decided to go for a Jeep ride and headed to 3-Bar Road and then hike down to Rock Creek Cabin. The cabin is owned and used by the Forest Service during the Arizona wildfire season. The cabin isn't for public use..too bad, cause it sure would be a prefect spot to spend a few days. The road is gated, so we couldn't drive down to see it and had to hike the hilly road. It's a bit more than a cabin, it's a cement block two bedroom house, fully equipped with all the comforts of home. Electricity is furnished by a propane generator. A woodstove provides warmth. It's all in location, the cabin sits alongside Rock Creek, a perfect spot to view the scenery. We didn't see any major critters, just a few fat squirrels and a beautiful pair of Red-tail Hawks soaring overhead.
Afterwards, we came home, ate, napped and watched Stephen King's "Rose Red" on DVD. It was a miniseries a few years ago, but we never got to see it. It's a lengthy movie, well over 4 hours. If you like a good haunted house tale, we highly recommend it. Gosh, retirement is fun...we highly recommend it as well!

3-Bar Road

Roosevelt Lake view from 3-Bar

Clouds add dimension to the mountain views

Rock Creek Cabin

Four Peaks side view with snow and clouds
seen from Rock Creek Cabin