Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Charlie and Troy

Ralph's son, Charlie and grandson, Troy came in from California for a short visit, it's sure nice to see them. The weather hasn't cooperated, we've had lots of rain, pretty much keeping us stuck inside. (welcome to the sunny Arizona desert?) The sun finally decided to shine today, so we made a break for it to take a short run along the Apache Trail. The road wasn't as bad as we've seen it, but the recent rains have left if rutted and a bit rough, we're used to it, but the California dudes weren't, so we curtailed driving the entire trail, opting to turn around at Apache Lake and head back towards home, stopping along the way for lunch at Roosevelt Lake Resort.
The lake was beautiful today, clean, still and very full, best of all, there weren't many other people there, so we didn't have to share it.
Too bad about the rain, there are so many places here we'd like to show them...ah well, maybe next time Mother Nature will be kinder.
Roosevelt Dam

R to L, Ralph, Charlie and Troy at the Roosevelt Dam

Troy, Charlie & Ralph

Apache Lake