Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nice ride!

Larry, Jean, Ralph and I decided after yesterday's strenuous jaunt that we'd take today a bit easier. We took a backroad overlooking Roosevelt Lake we'd been on one time before shortly after getting the Jeep. The road was in a lot better condition today, some of the washouts from our previous trip had been filled so the road wasn't as scary as I remembered (or we're now more experienced Jeepers and know what our "Old Peep's Jeep" is capable of.) Since it's winter and the leaves are off the trees and the desert grasses are shorter, we were able to see what we'd totally missed before, some ancient Indian ruins. The foundations of their structures could still be seen outlined in rocks. We speculate that since the rocks looked different from what was found locally, many of them had to be hauled to the site by the ancients...quite an accomplishment without the advantage of a Jeep! The dwellings were on a high hillside perch which would have at that time overlooked the Salt River far below (now Roosevelt Lake), a perfect spot to watch for ones' enemies approaching. We checked the area out for about an hour, each of us finding small pottery shards. A nice Jeep trip, nothing too strenuous and a good way to rest our weary bones.