Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Still Trekking

Whew...Yesterday we tried again. Another attempt at finding Journigan Mine. This time we believe we came closer to finding it by following an old water line which had been run from the Journigan Springs to some cattle water tanks down at lower levels. Our topographical maps locate the mine nearby the spring, so if that's the case, we're not far off. It was a great hike, but we're paying for it today with a few aching muscles...this too shall pass. A beautiful pair of Red-Tail Hawks kept us company during our hike, perching on nearby Saguaros and whistling to us as we trekked up the steep wash. We even paused for brief time to dig around in the sandy wash looking for gold nuggets. We did see some yellow flakes, not sure if they were gold, but they sure looked like it. Needless to say, we'll be heading back in search of the Journigan Mine. One thing is for sure, when we do find it, because of its remote location, we probably won't find too much evidence of modern man.