Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mine, what mine?

Well, if it's there, we can't find it. We made another unsuccessful attempt at finding Journigan Mine today. We did locate Journigan Spring, but if there's a mine nearby, we sure didn't find it. We went as far as we feel is humanly possible without even a sign that the area had ever been mined. We did pass an area where someone had evidentially looked for gold at one time from the looks of the quartz pile we found, but Journigan was supposed to be a lead mine. The terrain is really rough, mountainous with slippery rock and loads of cacti and prickly bushes. There are no trails, no paths, nothing but the wild Arizona scenery. Larry went one way, Ralph went another, still no luck. Jean and I manned...errr womanned the radios. Dang it, I hate to give up but for now I suppose we'll have to admit defeat....Nah on second thought, we'll keep trying 'til we find it. We KNOW it's there. Ahhh to be young and energetic again.