Monday, January 1, 2007

The Former town of Livingston, Arizona

We spent a couple of days exploring the area of the former town of Livingston, AZ once located at what is now the SE end of Roosevelt Lake. Livingston although in existence earlier, got a post office in 1896 but it closed in 1907 when it became apparent that the town would cease to exist once Roosevelt Dam was completed and the flooding to form Roosevelt Lake took place. There are no structural remains, except for vague outlines of buildings and some piles of timbers. The only remnants we found were done by metal detecting the area. When the level of Roosevelt Lake rises, the area the town once occupied disappears under the water. Livingston consisted of a small general store/post office, several ranches and some homes. The area is closed to all motorized vehicle traffic because there's some endangered bird supposedly ground nesting in the area.....wonder where the bird goes when the lake level rises?

These remains were all we were able to find metal detecting
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Not much left of the town of Livingston, Arizona
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This is where Livingston once stood. When Roosevelt Lake's waters rise, this area is under water.
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