Sunday, February 4, 2007

Yikes, what a hike!

What started out as just another day searching for Journigan Mine (we STILL didn't find it) turned into a major trek. We've been studying the maps trying to figure out where the mine is located. The area is extremely remote so it's not like there's a road, or even a bunny trail leading to the mine. Well, we decided to try another approach by walking up a dry riverbed which seems to head in the direction we want to go. We had hoped the riverbed would be a fairly easy walk but that wasn't to be the case. It was completely covered in rocks so needless to say, it made for some really strenuous uphill hiking. We went up the wash for about two miles, needing to be two and a half miles before we would be in proximity of the mine, but the going got too rough and because we had to allow time to get out, we were forced to turn around. We've got time constraints because of our pooch Bailey waiting at home for us with his legs crossed and his back teeth floating.
Coming back down the wash was as difficult as hiking in because we had to watch our footing closely, we couldn't imagine how we'd get out of there if one of us broke a bone, or even sprained an ankle.
We paused on the way back to the Jeep to examine an enormous old Saguaro. We'd never seen one as huge as this one. We estimated it to be at least fifty feet tall with more arms than we'd ever seen before on any Saguaro. We sure wish it could tell us the tales of all the things it had witnessed in it's several hundred years of probably even knows where Journigan Mine is but it's not telling!