Wednesday, February 7, 2007

So Long Journigan

The good news is, we found Journigan Mine, the bad news, there's nothing left except piles of tailings. The topo map showed two adits and a vertical shaft. All gone, caved in and covered over. The tailings and dump look interesting so we'll go back and pick through those.
Kudos to Quentin Johnson a super Ranger with the Tonto National Forest who took time from his busy day to head out this morning armed with maps and GPS to help us locate the mine. In a couple of weeks, he'll go with us again to find Saguaro Mine, another one that's difficult to locate because there are no longer any trails or roads leading to it. We're fortunate to have such good Rangers in our neck of the woods, they're a great group of caring people.
It was disappointing to say the least, but we can now check off another mining camp from our list of mines in Gila County...only 740 more to go.

200 feet up where?
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Nothing left, too bad.
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