Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Looking for Pittsburg Mine


We didn't want to waste such a beautiful day, so we decided to take a local rancher's advice and see if we could find The Pittsburg Mine. It's located along the Tonto Creek and once hauled out Magnetite and Hematite along with some Gold. He told us that since the mines were in a ravine right along the creek, the ore was hauled up from the mine by a cable car device and said he thought the mines and cable were still visible. The rancher gave us directions which we didn't have any problems following but the road got a bit tippy and rocky so we only went part of the way to the mine, we'll return at a later date when we've got another Jeep to go along with us. Along the trail we found the remains of a small homestead, not much left but some broken glass, a few pottery shards and a covered well, along with parts of an old vehicle, probably 40s or 50s vintage.  The buildings were mostly gone, just some wood and rusty sheet metal. Behind the homestead in a sandy wash, we found paw prints and a huge hairball from a large cat, probably a Cougar.(I took a picture of the hairball too, but decided it would be bad taste to post the photo)  

It was a nice ride, nothing scary...yet.