Saturday, November 22, 2008

Roll Out The Barrel


  • A "normal" Barrel Cactus
  • Our "rescued" cactus
  • Ralph & Larry trying to figure out how to move it
  • Hmmm it won't fit into the can

We set out early this morning to "rescue" a cactus we had spotted along a rocky trail off of Cherry Creek Road. It's an old Barrel Cactus whose roots had been exposed by erosion. It's an unusual one, different than others we've seen before because it's grown a "crown" of several protrusions from the top of the barrel. The bottom part of the cactus was almost dead, but the top appears to be green and alive. After much groaning (along with several ouches and dammits), it's got a new home in our cactus garden and hopefully, with some TLC, it'll take root and thrive.
We haven't driven the full length of this particular trail, it may be a bit beyond our Jeep's capabilities judging from the parts we did drive. I suppose discretion is the better part of valor, so we're just left to wonder what's out there....maybe someday....