Friday, November 14, 2008

Cabin Search Along Cherry Creek

Crossing the creek.

Checking out an old car rusting away in a dry wash.

More spectacular scenery. The haze seen along the mountains comes from "controlled" burning by the Forest Service.

Whew, what a trip! Five and a half hours of washboard road and spectacular scenery. We were told about an old cabin on one of the backroads to Young. We've been on the road before but the summer monsoons had taken their toll and left the trail washboardy and pretty rough, still, it made for some pretty good Jeeping.
The directions given to us were vague, (as always) so we didn't find the cabin we were looking for, even so, the scenery alone made the trip worthwhile. We'll have to pin down the location of the cabin a bit more closely and return another day to find it. We did find a few more trails we haven't seen before, so it looks like the area will be ripe for exploration. There are quite a few old asbestos mines in the area as well, so it'll be fun to locate them and hopefully do a bit of mine exploration.
This afternoon was comprised of resting our old bones, napping and eating. It takes us a bit longer to recover from a trip of this kind, but by tomorrow, we should be back to "normal" and looking forward to returning to the area again in the near future.