Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gentle Jeeping on J-B Ranch Road

Crossing Campaign Creek
Fall foliage
Mama Moo and her twins
Jumping Cholla cactus with bird's nest
Jean, Larry & Ralph exploring the area.

We're all a bit knocked out from our last Jeep run so we decided on an easier, more gentle run today, mostly looking at the scenery near home.
There are supposed to be some Indian ruins somewhere up in the foothills, but we didn't manage to locate them today, I'm sure we will at a later date.
The ride was a nice one, perfect cool temperatures and Arizona's version of Fall foliage added to our enjoyment. We stopped along the way to say Hi to a Mama Cow and her twin calves, they looked bored, so we moooved on.
We've ridden this trail many times before, but we noticed the terrain had changed considerably after the monsoon rains of this past Summer had enlarged washes and relocated quit a few boulders. It's an ever-changing desert so each time we return to a previously run trail, we can see the changes. The desert never disappoints us with her diversity, there's always something new to see.