Sunday, October 1, 2006

Return to The Blue Bird


A fellow Ghost Town explorer from Tucson drove up and went with us to make another attempt to reach the still elusive Blue Bird Mine. We got within sight of it, even explored one of the adits, but to reach the actual mining area where the buildings are located it'll take a pretty good hike up a dry river wash to get there. We decided to wait until the temps turned cold and Rattle Snakes were all bedded down for the winter before hiking the wash. Now that it's within sight, it's even more tantalizing than before because we know there's going to be a lot to explore.

Ralph & Laura outside one of the Blue Bird's adits. (Yep, there's old bats in that mine)


   Shot through a zoom lens, one of the buildings at the Blue Bird

This is the Bluebird ore shute seen in the distance. It's a big one! There are a few structures to the right of the shute that can't be seen in the photo
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This is a shot of fellow Ghost Towner, Brian taken from one of the Bluebird's adits
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A few repairs at Brian and Ralph's Trail Garage on Brian's Samurai
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Yep, it's humble me...err I
overlooking Tonto Basin not far from the Bluebird
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