Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Reavis Ranch, Campaign Trailhead

We packed up a couple of ham sandwiches and cold drinks and headed out at first light for parts unknown. We're going back over trails nearest our home because the first time we ran them, we were still unfamiliar with the Jeep and really not paying close attention to our surroundings.
We wound up on FR 449 Campaign Trail, heading for the Reavis Ranch Trailhead. Reavis Ranch was once the home of Elisha Reavis, (born 1827 died 1898) also known as "The Hermit of the Superstitions."
He was an interesting character to say the least. He was a well educated man and at one time he taught school in California and married. He gave it all up to pursue the lust for gold that was the fashion of the time in the desert southwest. People still speculate as to whether ever found the gold at the end of his rainbow. When his estate was probated in Phoenix, no gold was reported, but it was very much the style of that period to bury found gold in secret locations. After wandering the hills and deserts, he finally settled in the Superstition Mountains and homesteaded a ranch high up in the mountains where he grew apples and other fruit. His body was found alongside the trail near his orchards. He was buried where he was found, alongside his beloved long time companion, his mule. To this day it is said that he and his mule, can be seen still walking the canyons near his ranch. The beautiful, mysterious, Superstition Wilderness abounds with such ghostly tales.
Elisha Reavis 1827-1898
"The Hermit of The Superstitions"


Haunted Chasm, The ghosts of Elisha Reavis and his mule are said to wander these canyons and mountains....searching.....

The Crossing at Campaign Creek 

It's not an unusal sight to see windmills and water tanks in the back country. They pump water for free range cattle from cool underground springs.  


This is one of the many corrals found scattered around the back country.

 Here's a small herd of free range cattle. They have the right of way on all backroads!