Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Our "Old Peep's Jeep"


This little treasure was a Christmas gift to each other.  It has entirely changed our retirement. When we decided it was time to spend more time together and eliminate the job stresses we moved from California to our "fixer-upper" in beautiful Roosevelt, Arizona. We thought we'd probably spend a lot of our time fixing up our home, reading and doing the kinds of things we imagined retirees were supposed to do....WRONG! After getting our humble abode in livable, cozy condition, we found we were looking for more fulfillment to stimulate our all- too-quickly-aging brains, so we went looking for a pickup truck that would both fill the need to haul junk around and also take us places that our little Toyota couldn't.

Well, we saw our little red Jeep sitting on a hillside at a dealership lot ... it was love at first sight.  The rest as they say, is history. Although it's not much in the way of hauling large stuff around, it hauls us just fine. We christened it "Old Peep's Jeep". We're now able to go places we never dreamed of going before and certainly places that most folks don't ever get to see in an "ordinary" vehicle. Now, we spend almost every day during the cooler months (September to June if the temperatures hold) exploring abandoned mining sites, ghost towns or just experiencing all that Arizona has to offer in the way of scenic beauty.

When the temperatures begin to climb to the upper 90s and 100s, we throw out the anchor and spend time indoors, researching online the places we've discovered and reading every available book we can find on these fantastic pieces of Arizona's history.  Life is good, the rocking chairs will have to wait, we're not ready for them yet!

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