Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clouds, Snow and Firewood


After a couple of more days of rain. We decided to put our cabin fever to good use and go cut some firewood. We've gotten permission to cut wood from a ranch nearby. We were going to cut some firewood yesterday, but the chain saw was being temperamental and wouldn't start. (my theory, it's been hanging out with the Jeep too long and has learned some bad habits from it). Anyway, after a new spark plug and some cussing, the saw started just fine this morning.  The morning was beautiful, partial sun with heavy storm clouds adding dimension to the snow topped mountains.

I'm sure I'll be aching and groaning tomorrow, this old gray mare ain't what she used to be, but for now, it was sure good to be out viewing such beautiful scenery and getting a bit of exercise.
Ahhh there's nothing like a hot shower and a good afternoon nap. I'm headed there right now...