Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reynolds Creek Snowfall


We returned to Reynolds Creek with Larry this morning. We were surprised to see that it had snowed since we were there last week, so much so, there appeared to be about five or six inches on the trail. We tried another road off of FR 410, but eventually we were turned back by the snow. We probably could have made it to the top where the trail ends at the Sierra Ancha Wilderness, but we figured we might be pushing our luck for no reason...we can always return once the snow melts. This will be a great spot to return to, even during the summer, the temperatures up in the higher elevations would probably be a welcome relief from the desert's blistering heat. The Gila County mine map shows quite a few old, abandoned Uranium, Asbestos and Barium mines in the area, so I'm sure we'll be going back and scout them out as well.

It was a great ride, beautiful weather, cold air, no wind and as always, the scent of the pristine pine forest was invigorating.