Sunday, January 13, 2008

Canyon Lake Lowered


We took the Jeeps down the Apache Trail this morning with Larry and his ever-faithful pooch Ida. Jean's back in Tucson feeling a bit under the weather...get well soon Jean, we miss you!

Canyon Lake is one of a series of lakes within the Salt River Project along with Roosevelt Lake and Apache Lake, all located along the Apache Trail. We'd read they were lowering Canyon Lake to perform maintenance on the Mormon Flat Dam, so we thought we'd take a look. It's quite a sight to see. Normally the lake is full and loaded with boats. All the boats are dry-docked for now,  including the little scenic steamer the Dolly. If you're ever in the area, a ride on the Dolly is a must do. Ralph & I have done it before, it's a lovely trip on Canyon Lake with a well informed crew pointing out the highlights along the way.

We stopped for lunch at Tortilla Flat, a neat place, once an old stage coach stop along the Apache Trail, it now attracts visitors from all over the world to sample their killer chili. (Take TUMS if you plan to continue your trip along the trail)
On the way back we spotted a Red-Tail Hawk in the rocks along side of the road, trying to make a meal from a noncooperative squirrel. We cheered as the squirrel got away, but he looked a little worse for wear, leaving us to wonder if the hawk returned to reclaim his lunch. There are so many squirrels in the area, we call them Nature's Nachos.
As always, it was a nice run, in beautiful Arizona winter weather.  
                         Mormon Flat Dam, Built 1923-1925
                           224 Feet High - 380 Feet Long  
                                             (SRP Photo)