Monday, January 21, 2008

Reynolds Creek, FR410


We've been using our wood stove every day and our wood stockpile is getting low, so we headed out this morning to the high country to see if we could find some fallen trees. We could feel the temperature dropping as we headed up into the higher elevations. There was still quite a bit of snow in the mountains, a nice change of scenery for us desert dwellers. We didn't have any trouble finding wood, so after filling the back of the Jeep, we decided to check out a road we'd seen on previous trips. FR410 runs alongside Reynolds Creek from the Sierra Ancha Wilderness, ending at its final destination, Roosevelt Lake. It's a lovely area, tall pines, enormous Holly trees, and majestic Sycamores growing along the creek. We forded a few small creeks but decided since we didn't have much time, that we'd wait until Jean & Larry could go with us before crossing a larger creek and heading up the mountain.

It was a great ride, scenic and it's time for a hot lunch and maybe even a nap.