Saturday, September 8, 2007

This n' That


We've had a couple of decently cool mornings here so naturally we headed for the Jeep to check the area out. A-Cross Road was muddy, but passable and as usual, the scenery didn't disappoint us. Lots of rain has kept the Salome Wilderness lush and green all summer long. We stopped along the trail to chat with a local rancher who told us about another Jeep trail we'll have to try once the temperatures drop and the roads dry out.

A couple of days ago we ran part of the Apache Trail again, this time going as far as Apache Lake Marina, but the road was terrible so we decided to lessen the jolting of our old bones and turn around. (picture yourself being a marble rolling down a washboard and you'll have a pretty good idea what the Trail was like) We've got easy access to the Trail, so we'll hit it again once the road grader has done its job.

It was a good ride this morning with the windows rolled down (dodging the mud balls being thrown through the open windows by our A/T tires.) The air was clear, cool and invigorating, tantalizing us with the fact that lower temperatures are just around the corner.

We ended our trip with a hearty, sumptuous (another word for over-eating) breakfast at The Butcherhook Restaurant in Punkin Center before heading home, stuffed, smug and satisfied. (hint: anything on the menu labeled "Kitchen Sink Omelet"'re NOT going to go away hungry!)