Monday, September 24, 2007

FR 1079 off Hwy 288

Another beautiful cool morning here in Arizona, 58º at sunrise! We just couldn't stay home, so despite the power-steering pump whining on the Jeep, we decided to take a chance and head out anyway. (new pump to be installed Thursday)
We found a "new" road, we've probably passed it a hundred times before but never noticed it among the bushes. It began as a rocky uphill climb but soon leveled out on the top of a mesa overlooking a large wash with mountain cliffs looming above.
The summer monsoons have been kind to the desert. Everything is lush and green with wildflowers blooming all over. There wasn't much sign of man having been on the trail for a long time. The trail looks seldom used, making us wonder why it was there. Perhaps some sample mining was done in the area a long time ago, although we found no remains.  The aroma of Jimsonweed filled the air. Ahhhh lovely sweet-scented, cool morning,  solitude, heaven on earth, another great day to be alive!