Saturday, September 22, 2007

FR 47 toward the Superstition Wilderness

Just a short jaunt this morning heading toward the Superstition Wilderness before the heat of the day. The desert was calm and quiet as we set out, only the sounds of Jeeps crunching along over the rocky terrain. Clouds blocked the sun, allowing it to peek through occasionally to cast shadows, adding dimension to the surrounding mountains.
We knew we wouldn't be able to enter the Wilderness area in our Jeeps, motor vehicles are prohibited in order to protect the near pristine environment. We were able to get close enough to enjoy the wilderness vistas and marvel at the rock formations all around us. Ancient Indians roamed this area nearly a thousand years ago and one cannot help but wonder what sort of existence they must have had.
We saw a Mama Javelina and her two babies along with a few more adult pigs trailing behind. They're fairly elusive, so we weren't able to get photos of them, catching only a glimpse as they disappeared into the brush.
It's still early in the cool season, so today was just enough to whet our appetites for more trails ahead.