Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SR 1344 to SR 1120


It's another beautiful day here in sunny Arizona. We can feel the heat beginning to creep in as we Jeep the backroads, sure hope winter isn't over just yet. As I write this, it's a bit after noon and the thermometer already reads 85°, too hot, too soon.
We went for a short jaunt today checking out a couple of nearby roads. We enjoy riding the dry washes and seeing the mountains looming along side as we go. The scenery is always lovely, lots to look at and seeing grazing cattle adds to the enjoyment.
SR 1344 started out as just a nice ride up the riverbed but quickly turned into nothing much more than a cow path through heavy brush. When we first got our Jeep with its shiny red paint, we made a decision that we wouldn't worry about the scratches we knew we'd get when we went off road. The Jeep picked up quite a few more "Arizona Pinstripes" (scars of valor) while winding past the underbrush today, but it was still a super ride. SR 1344 eventually met up with SR 1120 bringing us out on a road we'd previously traveled. We can add another one to the list of "now we know where THAT road goes."