Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blue Bird's Last Gasp


It's a beautiful Sunday so we decided to Jeep once again to the Blue Bird Mine. The road is an easy one now that the bulldozer has done its deed, we could probably have taken a passenger car without much challenge. It was as we expected, the adits are closed off. Ugly pipes and some sort of hardening foam cover one entrance while steel bars close off the other. There won't be anymore exploration inside the Blue Bird.

We personally feel that doing this to an old mine is a travesty of what should be preserved as something of historical interest, but other than write protest letters, there's little we can do to ward off "progress." The history of our Country is being lost to future generations each time one of these sites is bulldozed, gated and grated, it's a shame. I'm glad we had a chance to know the Blue Bird before she was destroyed. The site had been "reclaimed" (that's government speak for bulldoze that sucker)! Too bad, The Blue Bird Mine has breathed its last gasp.