Saturday, March 3, 2007

Jeepin' FR 225 & Fr 1078

We did some good Jeepin' today with Jean & Larry. There's a road not far from home that Jean's been curious about so we set off on a nice ride. Along the way we stopped at a few curiosities to check them out. We've got no idea what the structure is that you'll see in the pictures. We've photographed similar structures before but nobody seems to know what it might have been used for. Nearby was a cave with water in it, it looked like a spring but it was hard to tell for sure. It possibly could have been a flooded mine, or a fresh spring coming from inside the mountain, it would be interesting to return to check it out wearing some hip-length waders.
At the end of FR 1078 we could see large open pit mining operation but we couldn't get close to it because the road became impassible. Larry went on ahead in Old Blue to see if it could be done...uh Larrrryyyy NOT a good idea. The road was really tippy, rocky and narrow and he had to find a way to turn around. Jean and I stayed at the bottom of the hill with our eyes closed and Ralph went up to watch the carnage .... fortunately there wasn't any, but Ralph said that was the closest to turning over as he's ever seen a vehicle. Whew, all turned out well, no Jeep flops. It was a great ride and now we have something to tease Larry about. (check out picture #13)