Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Told You So!

We've had some really fantastic weather all week long, sunny, mild...simply perfect so we decided to head out on a Jeep run on FR609. It's a fairly long run up in the mountains, one of our favorites. Larry and Jean and a couple of friends from Tucson wanted to go along too on what should have been a pleasant drive up through the pines and pastures, stopping along the way to visit a cave we wanted to explore again. All week long the weather people have been reporting that rains were expected beginning Saturday and continuing on and off throughout the weekend. Heck, what do they know?
We awoke this morning to spotty clouds, but the worse part were the mountains, we couldn't even see them in the distance, they were completely covered in clouds. I muttered something about it being a damned fool idea to head up there in bad weather, but my objections were met with, "nah, it looks okay to me," so off we went. Crossing Tonto Creek can be a bit of a challenge, but after ignoring the rather large barricade and sign declaring "road closed" we made it across the flooded creek without a problem. The clouds were getting thicker, darker and more threatening as we headed up the mountain. Rain was beginning to spatter on the windshield, mud was getting deeper, so deep that we all decided to stop and let some air out of our tires to give them more traction getting through the mud. We were fairly high up in the clouds by this time, the fog was closing in along with the heavy sleet that was pelting us and covering the muddy road in white pellets. The Jeeps were sliding, fishtailing, making the drive pretty treacherous and we knew that the road ahead wouldn't be any better so deciding discretion is indeed the better part of valor, we turned back. I've got to admit feeling rather smug on the ride back home but I held it in as long as I could before I blurted out, "I told you so!" .... only to be met with a distinct "harumph" from Ralph.
Oh well, better luck next time.

Tonto Creek crossing, "road closed" (what road?)

Foggy and rainy, mud soup

"view" of the mountains?

The forest primeval

Sliding through the mud