Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Return to the mountains...

We returned to the mountains this morning. It's beautiful and so nice and cool up way up there among the tall pines above the 5000 ft. elevation. This trail is another one in the Reynolds Creek Area. The trail ends at a cliff side, far below we could see Cherry Creek Road and the Sierra Ancha Wilderness seeming to stretch on for miles. It's difficult to capture the depth of these canyons and the wide panoramic views in one dimensional photographs, but they are truly spectacular to experience first hand. We hiked a little way up a trail, there's an old mine up there, but you'd need to be a goat to reach it now. It's hard to imagine how ore was ever hauled out of such a remote location.
A nice morning, now for some food and a nap ... it's a rough life, but someone's got to do it.

The trail ends here.......

This is a very deep, steep canyon
it's hard to show the dimension
in a photo
The Sierra Ancha Wilderness spread out below

One false step here and it's a long way down

Manzanita in bloom
Ralph with Old Peep's Jeep and Old Blue
Blue Spotted Fungus Beetle