Monday, March 2, 2009

FR 225 to mines

Great weather, although again, it's a bit hot for March, 82º as I write this, hopefully, our Winter isn't over yet.
This morning we rode up a dry-wash not far from home. It's an interesting area, old corrals and several old mines. We've checked out one of the mines on a previous visit, it's flooded and impassable. On this trip we parked in a different spot since there were cattle near the gate, we decided not to drive through and chance letting them out. After looking around a bit, we headed back to the Jeep and happened to glance over at a nearby hillside. We noticed a couple of more mine adits that we hadn't seen on previous visits. We weren't prepared today to check them out, but we'll return in the near future prepared with hiking boots (snakes are probably waking up since the temperatures have been so high) and flashlights. This particular area was known for gold mining, with some fairly rich strikes being claimed in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Not to worry, if we strike it rich, we'll post it in our last time.

We noticed this mine and tailings on a hillside as
we were leaving

An old windmill still pumping water
at this corral

This mine is flooded, no entry here

This bunker was once used to store the
explosives used in mining

The explosives bunker built into the hillside