Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A guy and his power tools

It's simply too hot to be trekking out into the boondocks, so we've settled in for the summer to do a bit of redecorating and remodeling inside the house where it's nice and cool.
Ralph built a wall in the den where there wasn't one, he added a doorway, a door and then built a set of nice bookshelves. Finally we were able to unpack stuff we've had in boxes since we moved here three years ago. Before he built the wall, the downstairs room looked like a bowling alley. It's a long room, so we took one end of it to make ourselves a comfy den. The other end of the room is set aside for the computer and Bailey's (the Schnauzer) favorite chair. We're working on the computer end of the room as well. Ralph's going to build a couple of end tables to match the bookshelves, so his plate is full at least through the rest of the summer. He's enjoying playing with his power tools, I think it's a "guy thing"... he gets a very strange look in his eyes when he's holding a circular or jigsaw and a simple thing like a hammer makes him blissfully happy. If you listen closely, you can hear him making grunting, apelike sounds ... hmmmm what could THAT mean?
Anyway, there's still some work remaining to be done, but the room is taking shape and even more important, we're having a good time doing it.