Sunday, March 30, 2008

The trails off of Cherry Creek Road

Finally we got out for some Jeeping! Duty has been calling us to stay home and get some projects done that we'd been putting off for quite some time but after a hectic couple of weeks, we all decided we deserved some time on the backroads.
We've been running Cherry Creek Road ever since we got the Jeep but we haven't explored very many of the trails leading off of it. We tried a few of them today. The first was a nice one, heading toward the Sierra Anchas, the road went back for a couple of miles before it stopped on top of a bluff. Wildflowers are in full bloom here, so we spent some time checking them out while admiring the beautiful views in every direction. The second road wasn't so good. (that's an understatement) Actually, it probably wasn't a road, just a track running up a sandy dry wash. It was a bit touchy to maneuver, lots of tippy places, one of which Larry experienced first hand, scaring the daylights out of Jean as she thought they were going to tip over for sure. From now on, it'll forever be called "Crybaby Wash" in honor of Jean's response to their near miss.  
The third road was the best. We didn't know it would go as far as it did, nor that it would be in such good condition. We ran it for a few miles, enjoying the scenery before it was time to head back home. We've all got dogs waiting for us, so we couldn't dally as long as we would have liked. We'll return again in the near future to see where the road leads. Wherever it goes, the views are breathtaking, so it'll be a fun run to look forward to.