Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Metering Station at Tonto Gorge


72º, clear and sunny, not conducive to staying home and cleaning, anyway, the dust will wait. We found a fairly good sized scorpion in the house this morning, after we promptly dispatched him, we decide to take off.
We headed for Tonto Creek Gorge today. There's a US Geological Survey water metering station located where the canyons narrow as Tonto Creek flows past the towering cliffs, we wanted to get a close up view of it. Tonto Creek is flowing fast, we've had a lot of snow up in the high country and the runoff is flowing into Tonto Creek from the Mollogon Rim and down into Roosevelt Lake. The lake is near capacity (91% today) and looking extraordinarily beautiful. We parked the Jeep at the edge of a sandy wash and hiked for about a mile to the metering station. To our surprise there was a man wearing waders standing in the water at the metering station. He told us that he works for the US Geological Survey and he's there measuring water flow and water levels. He's the person in charge of doing hydrographs to help the government and SRP (the electric & water company) updated on current conditions. We weren't expecting to see anyone in such a remote location, but it was a plus getting to chat with him. It was a very peaceful spot, the sound of Tonto Creek rushing over the rocks was soothing as we paused for a rest before heading back. Yet another perfect day in Roosevelt, Arizona.
One of these days, we'll stay home long enough to clean....but, then again, it'll wait.  

The red dot on the map marks the location of the US Geological Survey Metering Station.

           Tonto Creek near Roosevelt location map