Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cherry Creek Road to Board Tree Saddle


We set out about 6 AM today to try and beat the heat, as it turned out our temperatures were great anyway with a high of only 75º.

We've been on this trail before, but friends, Larry & Jean hadn't run it in its entirety, so we set out for higher elevations to run Cherry Creek Road to Board Tree Saddle up on SR 288. (288 is Desert To Tall Pines Scenic Highway) It's a beautiful trip. Through creeks, up and down some steep terrain and passing through lovely peaceful wooded glades. The air was crisp and clean with a definite nip in the air at the higher elevations.
Only a few critter sightings, a couple of Mule Deer, a pair of White Tail Deer, a large Jack Rabbit and some ground squirrels, none of them paused for picture taking.
As I continue writing this journal, I find I'm running out of acceptable adjectives to describe the grandeur of what we're seeing. Today was no exception. The scent of pine in the crystal clear, cool, alpine air is hard to put into words. The deep canyon ravines with dizzying dropoffs and the lush green vegetation of all varieties along the way added even more wonder to the experience.
The total trip lasted a bit over five hours, certainly time well spent.