Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tonto Basin Gypsum Mill


We did a bit of local Jeeping yesterday with Jean and Larry. We visited the Tonto Basin Gypsum Mill. It was a functioning mill as late as the 1970s until environmental constraints and high costs associated with gypsum milling closed it down. It has sat decaying since the owner just walked away from it (according to locals) At one time it served local gypsum mines in the area, such as the El Oso Mine, (a favorite 4x and offroad site) Last winter the heavy snow collapsed the roof, leaving the place unsafe and open to the elements. Neighbors of the place are currently trying to get the owner to clear the property so we thought we'd take some pictures before it's gone.

No clue what this did.
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Ladder to nowhere
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Inside the mill, now open to the elements
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Falling apart at the seams
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