Monday, December 11, 2006

Searching for Azurite

We returned to the Bluebird this past weekend with the intention of looking for some Azurite in the mine. For some reason we feel drawn to return to it time after time. Our friends Larry and Jean and a friend of theirs' Dick, from Tucson wanted to go and we were more than willing to oblige. We did locate a vein of Azurite running through a crevasse in the ceiling, however, the stone surrounding it was way too crumbly to consider picking at. Our friend Larry did find enough Azurite on the ground so we could each take home a tiny souvenir. Next time we go, we'll go in further and take better lighting. As you can see from the photos, it's a rather spooky looking place.

Something about this shot reminded of a doctor's view of a colonoscopy
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This adit looks too unsafe to attempt, we opted for an upper adit with better shoring.
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This is a shot of the ceiling, you can barely make out the purple and blue of the Azurite vein.
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