Friday, October 17, 2008

Jack Shoe to Thompson Mesa

With cooler temperatures finally here, we all decided we needed a break from our home improvement projects, so we headed out for a Jeep run with Larry and Jean. We've been to this area before, but this time we wanted to venture a bit further to check out the ruins of an old homestead we'd heard about. The trail was pretty good, very rocky, very bumpy, but with caution we did it without any damage to either our vehicles or our nerves. To our surprise, wildflowers were blooming along the trail adding to our enjoyment.
We found the old homestead, there isn't much left except some stone foundations but the views in all directions were spectacular.
On the way back down the trail we stopped to visit with a horse and a couple of mules, they reported, "all's well", so we proceeded home.

This is the dry wash we had to cross
Very pretty!

A dessert watering hole. Lots of pawprints all
around the pond. Javelina, coyotes and cattle
visit it often.

Some of the stone ruins of the old homestead

We stopped to chat with Mr. Mule

After getting the "all's well" from the horse and
mules, we headed home.