Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A very wet desert


Well, no Jeeping to report. We've had several days of very heavy rain keeping us indoors and in front of the fire. We need the rain badly, but enough is enough. We're getting cabin fever and a severe case of bumpy road withdrawal.
Here are just a few pictures of Pinto Creek near our house. Normally it's a dry wash but the recent rains have turned it into a raging river.
It's quiet here right now, the rains have begun to subside a bit. Ralph's been called for jury duty so he had to go into town early this morning. The pooch and I are wandering aimlessly from room to room without anything to do, neither one of us likes to be separated from Ralph. It seems no matter where you live, even out here in the boondocks, when duty calls, you have to answer the call....haven't they ever heard of retirement?
Ah well, tomorrow is another day bringing with it (hopefully) sunny skies. The back roads will be a muddy mess, but with a bit of luck and some winds to dry them out, perhaps it won't be too long before we can hit the trail again.
I just went outside to check the mail and noticed the clouds lifting in the Sierra Anchas, revealing a blanket of snow. Very Pretty!