Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Search is on...AGAIN


Another trip up to FR609 to look for the cave our neighbor told us about. We spoke with him again and got what he called "more specific" directions this time. The last directions were, "turn at the big Black Walnut tree about seven miles from the main highway"...uh huh...we searched and didn't find it. This time he said to "turn at the big Black Walnut tree about 75 yards from the road and two to four miles from the main highway." Well, if there's a Black Walnut tree anywhere along that road, we sure didn't find it, nor did we find the cave we were looking for.

Time wasn't wasted however, the air was cool, crisp and pine-scented and we got to see several Mule Deer and some Wild Turkeys. We also checked out a "road" Ralph spotted...not much of a road, but it might be a good place to return to and take a pine forest stroll sometime.

Oh well, we'll try again, they say half the fun is in the search....