Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A-Cross, Jackrabbit & Cemetery


We were on the road at first light. It's difficult for us to go more than a few days without Jeeping.  I suppose it's an addiction of sorts and we're "enablers" because we both want to go out and explore so we rationalize it to each other. A-Cross Road is a favorite, when our time is limited because of pending heat, we head for our old standby, A-Cross.
It seems that no matter when we go, we see something we hadn't seen before. We noticed a cemetery visible through the scrub so we stopped for a look around. It turned out to be the Bacon Family Cemetery. The Bacons were early ranchers in the Tonto Basin area dating back to 1874.
Along the way we were stopped by a young Jackrabbit sitting in the middle of the road. When we stopped the Jeep, instead of running away, he came for a closer look. It's not unusual to see a Jackrabbit standing close to three feet tall (at the ears) they're neat looking critters. Jackrabbits got their name because their ears bear a similarity to those of a Jackass.
Anyway, after a great omelet breakfast at Butcherhook Restaurant, we're inside for the day while the thermometer continues to rise ....