Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Springtime on A-Cross Road

It's a beautiful Spring day! Flowers are blooming, critters are stirring. Temps are staying right around 80º, not bad.
Last night just before bedtime I took Bailey out for his evening rounds. The moon was out so I felt I didn't need to turn on the flashlight, I won't make that mistake again. I took a step and something didn't feel right. I turned on the light and beneath my fuzzy slipper was a small Kingsnake, I jumped, so did he. I yelped, "SNNAKKKE !!" and Ralph came running to my rescue with the camera.  
Kingsnakes are desirable to have around, they'll tangle with Rattlers and win and they also keep the place free of rodents. This was a tiny one, last summer we had a four footer stretched out sunning himself just outside our door. We don't mind having them around, but it's still startling to step on one.
This morning we took a ride on A-Cross Road. A-Cross is a 27 mile long road running above the north side of Roosevelt Lake from just above Roosevelt to Punkin Center. I wish it was possible to share the sights and scents of the desert on a day like today. Photos don't do it justice. The air was clear, crisp and perfumed with a hint of desert flowers in bloom.
As I sit typing this, there's a Collared Lizard sitting in the tree near the Hummingbird feeder. He's made two attempts thus far to catch a Hummingbird but he's not quite fast enough .... yep .... Spring has sprung.